Zomes Construction
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Kevin started Zome's Construction, Inc. in 1997, when he was 22 years old. He started with various projects - some framing and siding, but mostly roofing. In 2001 he built his first house. Since then he has built all different styles and sizes of houses; gaining much experience over just a short period of time.

Selecting a plan is one of the first steps in building a new home. Kevin works with his customers from the very beginning - by helping them design a plan that meets their individual needs, while at the same time creating a home with a distinctive look they can be proud of.

Just the right touch can be added to a home to make it stand out among all the rest. Zome's Construction accomplishes this by creating custom fireplaces and millwork - turning an average house into a beautiful home at a reasonable cost.

Zome's Construction has a group of subcontractors and suppliers that share his goal to create quality homes with an affordable cost.

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