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Moxie Services Sioux Falls, SD

Moxie Services

Cleaning & Restoration

We are the multi-line service company that homeowners, business owners, and contractors count on. When you need things done, you need moxie.

Painting your whole house can be a huge pain. So, let our staff ease that burden by doing it for you. Are you looking to update the inside of your home? If so, let Moxie be your first choice.

Cleaning the exterior of your home can be a hassle by yourself. Let our staff do it for you and make the job quick and easy. 

Coating your floor in epoxy makes your life easier when it comes to keeping that floor clean. Coating will also make your floor shine like the day it was installed.

Have you been the victim of water seeping through your house and causing damage? Then contact us and we can fix up that damage as well as remove all that excess water. 

If you are interested in one of our many services for your home or business project, send us your info to get started!

Services Provided

Painting , Powerwashing , Softwashing , Carpet Cleaning , Epoxy Coating , Overlay Coating , Water Restoration

47070 104th St. Suite 103
Sioux Falls SD 57108
  • Open 24/7: 12AM - 12AM